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Mark Daly Music Video


“Massive thanks to Ithaca College Park Productions & their incredible team”


Filmed on location at The Studio @icthstudio Ithaca, NY

Produced by Park Productions @icparkproductions @icparkschool


#AutismAwareness 2020


'Your World' is an original song by Irish singer/songwriter Mark Daly


Instagram: @markdalymusic

Spotify: // Apple Music:


Producer: Will Fowler @fowlerwill

Director: John Fucile @johnafucile

Editor: Andrew Hallenberg @andrewhallenberg

DP: Hudson Payer @hudsonpayer

Camera Assistant: Abigail Hauptman @abbyhauptman

Grip/ Electric Swing: Myles Mantzaris @mylesmantzaris

Daily's by Joshua Stein is a series of three short films that take common experiences and expands them without the use of dialogue to emphasize deep themes, taking the mundane and creating meaning from it. The goal of Daily’s is to present how special everyday life can be. While the narratives begin in common ways, they slowly blossom into a unique environment animated by the characters and their personalities. Daily’s illustrate how the characters of life can make a meaningful moment out of nothing.

Rebecca, a first-year student in her first semester, pitched an idea that got immediate support.  With a cash investment from one of The Studio’s alumni advisors, and help from The Studio, Rebecca bought equipment and traveled to Israel twice to film a documentary about Israeli and Palestinian youth.  Her focus is a story about teenagers who meet and become friends in the U.S., but who are also on the verge of fighting on opposite sides of the enduring conflict in their homeland.  Her film asks, what hope is there in the next generation of sharing this land and living in peace?

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CollegeTown Records was picked up as part of our Pitch It To Produce It event – a student-run music production company at Ithaca College designed to promote original Ithaca College and Cornell University student music artists. With help from The Studio, founder Shanel Gray has been working hard with her staff to produce weekly trailers for music videos.

2000 Meters Out has been accepted to:

Côte d'Azur Sport Film Festival

Morocco Adventure Film Festival

Caribbean Film Festival & Market

San Mauro Torinese International Film Festival

Nominee for the 2018 Students BAFTAs

Abner Argueta is the owner of Argueta's Coffee, a small coffee business in upstate New York. Abner grew up on Guatemalan coffee farms and has seen firsthand the financial struggles of his friends and family. He started his business to help liberate them from the financial restrictions of obtaining certifications.

Seed to Cup is a documentary by McKinleigh Lair which links Guatemalan coffee farmers to American coffee lovers. It examines the economic challenges behind brewing specialty coffee. The Studio sponsored McKinleigh’s trip to Guatemala to capture Abner and his family’s story. This film screened at The Studio’s Coffee Film Festival, which featured local brewers and films about the journey from farm, to hand, to bean, to cup.

Students and other professionals helped Park Professional-in-Residence Rodrigo Bellott create a demo of iCarus, an augmented reality, live-theatre experience currently in development. The story is a mystery/thriller about five couples, a wedding, a murder, and a conspiracy to cover it up.   Rodrigo is an experienced film director, theatre director, transmedia artist, and casting director who’s based in New York City and Bolivia.  

Rodrigo will use the demo to show to investors and sponsors. The AR experience is based on new smartphone software that Rodrigo’s team is developing.  The phone directs the audience member to interact with certain characters, plots, and objects in the play.

At our 2017 Pitch It To Produce It event, Eden Strachan pitched an idea for a documentary – DACA: Life After the Headlines. Rodrigo Brandao, VP of Marketing and Publicity at Kino Lorber on the alumni judging panel, offered mentorship to Eden as she dove into production on the project. Eden recently presented her project at the James J. Whalen Academic Symposium.

DACA: Life After the Headlines is a documentary that focuses on the stories of Dreamers and their pursuit of the American Dream in modern-day America. The film examines mainstream media outlets and their coverage of the president’s decision to renounce the Obama-era policy.

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